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  •  Teachers
  • Laura Davis
    Programming Teacher

    Laura holds advanced credentials from Harvard Graduate School of Education and brings a wealth of experience to our institution. With a background as a programming instructor at ASC Boston, she ignited students' passion for computer science.

    Her impressive educational background, combined with practical expertise, makes her an invaluable asset. Laura employs creative teaching methods, emphasizing interactivity and real-world application, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills in her students. She will undoubtedly enrich our institution, providing an exciting learning journey for students and guiding them to excel in the field of programming.

  • Diana Liang
    Narrative Programming Teacher
    We are excited to introduce our exceptional educator, Diana, who holds a background in history from China. With a strong passion for interdisciplinary education, she specializes in teaching narrative-driven programming courses in Boston. Through storytelling, she uniquely crafts code, igniting students' creativity and a deep understanding of computer science. Join us to explore the captivating blend of history and technology in an engaging learning journey.
  • Instructors
  • Chen Lyu
    Course Design Instuctor
    Meet our distinguished Education Game Designer, a graduate in Digital Media and Game Design from Northeastern University, USA. Hailing from a renowned Chinese enterprise, Chen brings a wealth of experience in educational game design. With a strong background and years of expertise, Chen is dedicated to crafting immersive and impactful learning experiences. Join us to explore the dynamic world of educational game design led by an industry expert.
  • Maren
    Curriculum Design Teacher
    Meet our dynamic Programming Teacher, Maren, a graduate in Astronomy from Boston University. With a deep passion for the cosmos, she infuses cross-disciplinary knowledge into her courses. As the youngest and most accomplished educator at our school, Maren brings a fresh perspective and a wealth of expertise to programming education.


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