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Application Notes


Plarn Education is a trailblazing education technology company dedicated to transforming learning through innovative programming tools and comprehensive curriculum services. We cater to public schools, training institutions, organizations, and individuals, providing tailored solutions that empower learners of all ages.


Why Choose Our Team

Expertise: Our team of curriculum designers brings a wealth of experience to program development, ensuring top-notch educational content.

Innovative Curriculum: We design courses that are engaging, forward-thinking, and aligned with the latest educational standards.

Customized Solutions: Our team tailors curricula to suit the specific requirements of each institution.


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Ready to explore the world of innovative programming courses with our dedicated curriculum design team? Contact us now for more information and collaboration opportunities.


Registration fee

Classes are held on Saturdays in four 8-week sessions during the school year.


For students in Grades 1 – 5

Python only (1.5 hours) $220 per 8-week session

Java only (1.5 hours) $220 per 8-week session

Python and Java (3 hours) $320 (continuing student) or $340 (new student) per 8-week session; book fee $40


For students in Grades 6 – 8

English and Math (3 hours) $340 (continuing student) or $360 (new student) per 8-week session; book fee $40